1. Rosemarie Crislip says

    I am considering buying a die cut machine for making not only signs but for painting various craft rustic craft projects. I am leaning towards the cameo. What is your opinion? I especially want to create stencils for sayings and backgrounds. Looking forward to your reply

    • Laura Beth says

      I really have enjoyed the cameo. You can definitely make signs using vinyl to cut out a stencil along with ALL kinds of other craft projects! I don’t think you would regret the purchase!

  2. Shari Player says

    I just purchased a silhouette cameo and want to know how to print stencils for making wood signs. I have the vinyl I just need a step by step explanation. I want to paint the inside of the letters, sentences etc…. example P is the letter of my last name I want to paint the inside of the letter… The sentence love is patient, i want to paint the inside… How do I cut and do that… Just struggling to figure it out..

    • Laura Beth says

      I haven’t done a tutorial on this specifically, but basically you would cut the quote out on vinyl and then remove the actual letters. Then you’ll have the stencil left to adhere to the wood and paint in the verse. I’ve learned a lot about using my Cameo by looking up videos on YouTube. I bet you can find a tutorial there!! Good luck :)

  3. Hi! I love your site! I came across your Printable Round up page, and I was wondering how to download the pictures to print? There was no link with the photos, so I wasn’t sure how to print them! Any help would be appreciated :)

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