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Easiest 4th of July Dessert EVER!


At the beginning of each week, I always ask III if he has anything he wants me to pick up at the grocery store. Usually, he says no….but this week he had a response: ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.

You might remember he is a fan from back when I made this Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. And now that summer is in full swing we needed them back in our freezer. So I picked a few up along with some patriotic sprinkles to create this little treat.

These treats are sooooo easy to create. I first poured some sprinkles on a paper towel and simply pressed the ice cream sandwich into the sprinkles to make them stick.


I then cut a paper straw in half and added it as the “stick.”



Now, what do you think most people would say is the biggest problem with ice cream sandwiches???? They are messy, right? We handed them out at small group the other night and one of the guys hand were covered in stickiness. That is when I thought to add the paper cup. These cute little paper cups are from Pick Your Plum, but you could just as well use cupcake liners. I poked a hole in the bottom and slide the straw through!  


Enjoy! You can see I already did.

(And if you are looking for other fun 4th of July Treats check out these cookie pops and candy stars!)



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4th of July Candy Stars

4th of July Stars

I’m headed to the beach this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July with 27 of my family members. It’s been the tradition for the past 15 years or so….as our numbers have grown and new little ones have come on the scene, we have continued to all pile into ONE beach house & spend the week hanging out and sitting in the sun! It’s quite the bonding experience!

I want to take a few treats along for the week & these patriotic stars have to be the easiest experiment I’ve tried yet! The idea came to me when I was in the Dollar Tree the other day and spotted these star ice cube trays. My original plan was Jello, but didn’t figure they would transport well. So candy it it!

All you need is a shaped ice tray and candy melts of your choice! (I used red and a white peppermint left over from Christmas)

4th of July Stars_1

Microwave the candy melts according to the package instructions. If it is not liquefying like you would like you can always add a little vegetable oil to loosen it up! 

Before pouring the candy melts in your mold, spray a little olive oil into the stars. This will help when you are popping your stars out later! Another reccomendation is to spoon your candy melt into a ziplock bag after it is creamy & snip the corner before filling the molds.

4th of July Stars_3

I wanted my stars to be two colors, so I filled the mold half way with the white….tapped the tray to even it out & waited about 8 minutes for it to harden. Then I topped it with the red. Again tap it against the counter to even out the melts.

4th of July starsI let them sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes, but they were probably ready sooner. Since this mold is an ice tray, it was easy to pop the stars out.

4th of July Stars_8

The stars fell right out without any problems! Oh and they taste, well delicious! I couldn’t wait until the shoot was over to take a bite.

4th of July Stars_9

And if you are looking for another simple 4th of July treat, check out these independence cookie pops!


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Fourth of July Round Up

babies and the beach

For as long as I can remember we’ve always celebrated the 4th of July at the beach. And then last year, we mixed things up and went the week before the 4th. The same was true for this year, and so last week my dad’s side of the family all headed to the sand & surf…well, except me & III, because at 36+ weeks pregnant & at risk for preterm labor, I couldn’t go :/ However, my amazing parents, sister, and brother took on the task of beaching with a 3 & 2 year old and picked up my kiddos (and our NEW van!) to make the 6 hour trip. The kids had SUCH an amazing time and my family was reminded that the beach with kids is a trip, not a vacation. While they were gone, I got in a LOT of rest, a few date nights with III, and checked the last little bit off my to do list before Poppy arrives!

So with the impending arrival of baby girl, we don’t have any definitive 4th of July plans, but I’m sure ice cream and the pool will be involved! Here are a few treats from years past maybe I’ll try to pull off! Oh, and a blueberry pie. III’s mom shared her recipe and I recreated it the other day. AMAZING. I’ll be sharing soon!

Independence Cookie Pops
July 4th_Cookie Pops

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches


4th of July Candy Stars


Happy 4th of July!! We are so thankful for those who continue to protect and fight for our freedom!

“Land of the free, because of the Brave.”

Independence Cookie Pops {Happy Fourth of July}


III LOVES cookies.
OREOs, Chips A’Hoy, Keebler…
I try my best to keep the pantry full stocked, it keeps for a happy husband!
Every now & then I get the urge to move away from pre-packaged.
I’ve tried all kinds of the homemade types, but without fail III prefers Nestle break & bake.
Anyone else in III’s boat?
And well, I can’t complain!! It saves me hours of kneading, mixing, and ending the night covered in flour & crossing my fingers that these turn out okay!

However, in hopes to add a little homemade touch, I decided to dress this batch up for the
Fourth of July!

Everything is better on a stick :o) Here is a simple how to, on how you can make one too!


Mini Break & Bake Cookies | Patriotic Sprinkles | Gulf Wax | Chocolate Chips | Cream Cheese Icing
*not pictured: Cake Pop Sticks


01. Break & Bake according to package instructions.

02. Allow to cool on a cute cooling rack if you have one…I tend to bake my cookies a minute or two less than suggested. Then I use a spatchula and pat them down on top. They tend to turn out perfectly!

02b. While your cookies are cooling work on melting your chocolate chips (about 1/3 of a bag) along with about 1/3 of a bar of Gulf Wax…this will make the chocolate firm up & hold. I used a double boiler, but you could also just microwave!

03. When COMPLETELY cooled, flip over half of your batch & add a dollop of cream cheese icing!

04. Dip one end of your cookie pop stick into the melted chocolate & then lay it on top of your cream cheese icing dollop. This will help in holding your cookie pop together. Trust me.

05. Place another cookie of comparable size on top & press slightly.

06. After you have made all of your cookie sandwiches, I would suggest placing them in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up.

07. Now it’s time to dip! I chose to only dip about half of each cookie pop into the chocolate.

 08. Add sprinkles of your choice!! It’s best to do this part over a bowl & they tend to jump when the hit the counters. You can also then reuse the “fallen comrades.”

09. Lay on parchment paper so that you will easily be able to pull them up! This stuff is genius if you ask me :o)


09a. Any cookies that fall apart or don’t look up for consumers…well you can see the action I decided to take!

10. I put together a cute styrofoam base (using patriotic paper & ribbon to hide the green styrofoam)
 & added a little washi tape (or ribbon) to jazz the sticks up.

Now you are ready to celebrate the USofA!!

Serving up here!!

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Almost Homemade Blueberry Pie


III’s favorite dessert is blueberry pie. He said recently a sign of getting older is starting to like more fruity desserts…peach cobbler, strawberry shortcake, and of course blueberry pie. His mom makes the best. I have to agree. III’s parents live on a decent amount of land and have around 25-30 blueberry bushes that have stood the test of time. III tells me stories about when he was little and how he used to pick hours picking them and then take them to sell at a local farmer’s market. He’d make $7.00 for hours of work, but it’d be all his and he was so proud. I had never had blueberry pie until I traveled to LA (lower Alabama), but I glad to say that I can now add it to one of my favorite desserts list as well. And to make things even better, it’s pretty simple to make too!


Now, I suppose if you were up for the challenge you could make the pie crust from scratch. I’d give you bonus points and be super proud of you. I didn’t. But if I did I would probably try our this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, basically because I love almost any thing I make using one of her recipes. Plus, she says it’s perfect. Maybe once I get settled in with my three littles three and under I will give it a go. For now, I picked up two pie shells from Publix and made sure I told them thank you for saving me some time on the way out! So, here is the run down. 



Almost Homemade Blueberry Pie
Serves 6
A deliciously simple homemade blueberry pie
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
50 min
Total Time
1 hr
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
50 min
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 3-4 cups of fresh blueberries (or frozen completely thawed)
  2. 1/2 cup of granulated sugar
  3. 1/4 cup of cornstarch OR 1/2 cup of flour
  4. 1 tbsp cinnamon
  5. 1 tbsp unsalted butter
  6. 1 egg
  7. 1 tbsp milk
  8. 2 frozen pie crusts (or homemade if you have time!)
  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. 2. Set out the pie crust to thaw/reach room temperature (it won't take long)
  3. 3. In a large bowl mix all of the blueberries in the sugar, cornstarch, & cinnamon. If you don't have any cornstarch you can use flour (you'll just need a little more than the amount of cornstarch).
  4. 4. Once the pie crust has thawed pour your blueberry mixture into one of the pie crusts.
  5. 5. Dot the top with small pieces of unsalted butter.
  6. 6. For the lattice, take the other crust out of the pan and lay flat. Use a pizza or pie cutter to slice into strips (about 1/2 inch wide). Carefully thread the trips over and under creating a weave and pinch the ends of each strip to the edge of the bottom pie crust to seal.
  7. 7. In a small bowl mix together the egg and milk. Brush the top and edges of your pie. Then sprinkle the top with a little extra sugar!
  8. 8. Cook the pie at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Then turn down to 350 and allow the pie to continue cooking for another 25 minutes.
  9. 9. Allow the pie to cool for at least 3 hours. This allows the filling time to thicken up to perfection!
  1. III prefers his extra cool, so he likes it to spend some time in the refrigerator too.
A Step In The Journey

I’ve made this pie twice in the past few weeks and it hit the tastebuds right each time! For the 4th of July I added stars to the top instead of the lattice. Turned out pretty cute and festive if I do say so myself.