Weekly Toddler Activity Guide | Week 8

Cricket. Cricket. Yes, I know…I kind of fell off the wagon last week and didn’t post a weekly activity guide. The struggle is real, and getting back from Thanksgiving and racing into all things Christmas got the best of me! However, tonight I am back, just in time, to share a few ideas for you and your little ones this week. (And remember if I skip a week again, because let’s be honest, it will probably happen, you can always reuse activities from before!).

If you would like a copy of the daily afternoon activity survival guide framework, you can check it out here

Daily Afternoon Survival Guide (1)

Make It Monday

The Best Christmas Crack

I did manage to share this recipe last week for Christmas Crack. It’s a must this Christmas season and your kids will love being a part of the fun. You could also have the kiddos make Christmas cards for neighbors and friends share the Christmas Crack with those your love. Giving is the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.Teach It Tuesday

The Great Letter Hunt is our teaching activity this Tuesday. This activity is great for letter recognition and ordering. It is a simple activity that can take reach ALL ages and ability levels (both my 3.5 and 5 year old loved it). You will need Post – Its and a marker. I prepped this activity by writing one capital letter per post-it, until I had all 26. Then during naptime I stuck the lettered Post-Its all over our playroom, kitchen and living room. The rest is simple…find the letters. However, you can put your own spin. Chickadee and Sprout are 5 and 3.5. They worked together to find the letters but I extended the activity by having them find them in order, A…B…C…D…etc. They LOVED it. We played like this two more times. And they took turns hiding the letters for each other. Then I did a little adjusting/adding post-its. And hid the letter in each of their names. So Chickadee found her name one letter at a time and so did Sprout.  I plan to share more details on Instagram Tuesday morning (because I can share video), so check it out if you need more of a visual. @astepinthejourney

Wander There Wednesday


The Grinch is a classic Christmas book and movie. We wandered to the theater for the first showing and saved LOTS on ticket prices by going early. If you want to read more about the movie before taking your little ones (mostly to make sure you feel comfortable with them watching it), I suggest visiting Common Sense Media. This is a great website that offers reviews and incites into the plot and ratings. Common Sense said of The Grinch “Like Seuss’ original, this is a story about kindness, compassion, love, and generosity being the true meaning of Christmas.” The new film was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season.

Thoughtful Thursday


This week we are taking the candy cane challenge. Years ago, Courtney DeFeo visited our MOPS group and talked about how she encourages her children to light others up. To make others feel special. Specifically, at Christmas time she and her children attach small notes to candy canes and pass them out to any and everyone they see. Everyone from your neighbors and preschool teachers, to cashiers or random/friendly faces at the mall. Your reach is wide! She has printables at her website or your can make your own. So add a few candy canes to your grocery list and share the light this Christmas season.  

Free For All Friday

Just let them play! It’s Friday….the weekend is coming. We are watching ALL the Christmas movies this month. Last week we watched The Polar Express and this Friday we plan to watch The Star! 


I hope you are able to implement some of these activities with your little one next week! I’d love to see pictures of your kiddos enjoying and you surviving your afternoons. Tag @astepinthejourney or use the hashtag #astepinthejourney if you share on instagram or Facebook! 


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