Afternoon Toddler Activity Guide | Thanksgiving Week

It’s Thanksgiving week! And for us that means the kids are out of preschool ALL week. We have been wobbling around getting our turkey feathers ready. I wanted to share a few turkey ideas with you! I’m straying a little from the traditional daily activity categories, but we have extra time to fill around here so I thought an assortment of activities would be best this week in order to learn how to use an screw driver, bolts, a hammer, a saw and more.

If you haven’t started your Thankful Turkey (thanks to Busy Toddler) yet, it’s not too late! Add a feather (or two or three) a day talking with your kiddos about all you have to be thankful for.

Thankful Turkey

Turkey Candy Dish

Cranberry Granola Bars

Homemade Cranberry Granola Bars (2)

After cutting out all of our thankful feathers to have a stock pile for the month of November we had a lot of scraps. We used those scraps to make the feathers on these pattern turkeys. I drew out the body, head, beak, legs, and feet. Chickadee cut hers out…Sprout just glued his together. They worked on their fine motor skills by accordion folding the legs. Then they sorted through the scraps to create a color pattern for the turkey’s feathers. They turned out pretty cute!

Pattern Turkeys

I love this idea of sticking feathers in a colander. Another great activity for fine motor skills from MamaOT

Go the the library and check out some books! Homeschool Preschool has some great suggestions.

And last,  let your little ones help with the Thanksgiving preparations. Make a banner, place cards on the table, prepare some of the side dishes or dessert. It’s all hands on deck this week! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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