Daily Afternoon Activities Guide | Week 3

Afternoon Activities_Week Three 

Week 3 is here, and so are cooler temperatures down south. Wahoo! Did you try the smoothie popsicles?? They were a hit all week with my little ones. We even ate them for breakfast! If you would like a copy of the daily afternoon survival activities you can check it out here

Daily Afternoon Survival Guide (1)

 You can find week’s ONE and TWO linked at the bottom! Feel free to jump in anytime. I’m excited to be building this library of ideas that I will be able to continue to pull from year after year! As we are getting closer to Halloween, this week we are embracing all things pumpkin, orange, & friendly/spooky fun!

Make It Monday

Halloween Painting

As I mentioned last week, Target is helping us out with our Make It Monday (however, you can find fun Halloween painting kits at most craft stores too. I grabbed a wooden die-cut of a pumpkin and ghost at Target a few weeks back. We LOVE painting around here and so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to brake out the paintbrushes. I always have the kids use the back of their placemats when working on small projects and use the cheapo plastic brushes so they don’t have to mix colors. Although sometimes they do and that is just fine! 

Teach It Tuesday

How Do Spiders Spin Webs for Kids

When leaving the neighborhood last weekend we saw a huge spider web that went from a fire hydrant, UP to a street sign. The kids were amazed by the beautiful creation and started asking all kinds of questions about spiders and how the spin their webs. So following their cue Tuesday was all about spiders. Click here to see what we talked about, a cute video we watched, the adventure we went on and for a simple tutorial on how we created our own webs.

Wander There Wednesday

Wander there Wednesday

This week we went to the ZOO with Chickadee’s preschool class. It was so much fun to experience the zoo with her sweet group of preschool friends. The Atlanta Zoo is wonderful. It’s super shady, has awesome animals, a train, splash pad, playground and carousel. We are members and find ourselves venturing down there quite a bit! 

Thoughtful Thursday

We've Been Booed

Staying in our Halloween theme for the week, this week for Thoughtful Thursday we BOO’d our neighbors! What is “Boo-ing” you may ask? Well it was new to me too when we moved into our neighborhood. But here is the gist…fill a bucket with awesome treats and Halloween goodies. Then secretly deliver it to a neighbor, leaving a paper ghost on their door, and directions to pass a new boo bucket along to someone else in the next 48 hours. Eventually it works it’s way ALL around the neighborhood and everyone gets to be in on the FUN! It worked out perfectly that we were boo’d on Tuesday night.

we've been boo'd

Thursday we headed to the Dollar Tree to grab lots of goodies for one of our friends that is new to our neighborhood. Then the kids being as stealthy as a 3 and 4 year old could be left the bucked of goodies on their porch along with the ghost on their door! SO. MUCH. FUN. We drew our own ghost but there are lots of blogs out their with super cute printables!

Free For All Friday

We headed out of town on Friday afternoon. But first we ran by the library to grab some new movies. We try to limit our screen time day in and day out, but when we travel…give me all the movies! Watching Charlotte’s Web might be fun if you talked about spiders on Tuesday!


I hope you are able to implement some of these activities with your little one next week! I’d love to see pictures of your kiddos enjoying and you surviving your afternoons. Tag @astepinthejourney or use the hashtag #kiddosurvivalguide if you share on instagram or Facebook! 


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