Daily Afternoon Activities Guide | Week 2

Daily Survival Guide Week Two 

So who THRIVED instead of survived during their afternoons last week? I would love to hear from you! Let me know if any of our activities were a hit with your kiddos or how you put your own spin on them! If you are still looking for the printable for the daily afternoon survival activities you can check it out here

Daily Afternoon Survival Guide (1)

Welcome to WEEK TWO!! I hope some of these activities are a hit with you and your little ones. If they are, please share with your other mama friends and on social media. I would love to grow this community of mamas helping mamas so that we can all THRIVE! If you missed week one, click here!

Make It Monday

Smoothie PopsiclesSmoothie popsicles are EVERYONE’s favorite! The kids think they are getting a special treat, mama knows they are really having a healthy smoothie that has been frozen. Win. Win. We bought these silicone tubes at IKEA, of course, because they have everything, right? However, here are some similar ones on Amazon. We use this small blender to make our smoothies and always use a combination of fruits, veggies, flax seed & plain greek yogurt. A few of our favorite combinations are below.

Blueberries | Cherries | Banana | Kale | Flax Seed | Greek Yogurt | Water or Almond Milk

Strawberries | Peaches | Banana | Spinach | Flax Seed | Greek Yogurt | Water or Almond Milk

Banana | Almond Butter | Mango | Kale | Flax Seed | Greek Yogurt | Water or Almond Milk

Blueberries | Strawberries | Banana | Spinach | Flax Seed | Greek Yogurt | Water or Almond Milk

PSA: My next Make It Monday includes painting Halloween themed wooden cut-outs from the $1 section at Target, so grab some for your kiddos if you see them!

Teach It Tuesday

Number Practice

We worked on numbers this week. For Sprout, one to one counting using this awesome train pack I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. This website is a REALLY awesome resource for helping to teach your kids at home if you don’t have the time or desire to make your own stuff! Why recreate the wheel, right?

Preschool Number Practice

Chickadee practiced writing her numbers using this simple number book, also from a teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers. It had a place to trace the number, color the matching number of items, write numbers on their own, and then draw the number of items.  

Feel free to use these same learning activities or simply search for what you now your child needs to practice and roll with it!

Wander There Wednesday

Rockin' Jump

They opened a new “jumpy place” near our house called Rockin’ Jump. It is awesome. They have lots of in ground trampolines, but also rock climbing walls, aerial yoga bands that hang from the ceiling, and a ninja warrior course. It’s amazing. Most of these jumpy places have toddler times when all the kids are under 5 or 6 and they discount their prices. See if you have a trampoline park near by!

Thoughtful Thursday

FaceTime ATTACK! These days are always fun and the kiddos love catching up with family. We love calling their 88 year old great grandmother who has an iphone & knows how to FaceTime (she is pretty hip!). They also spread the love to aunts, their grandparents, cousins… They love holding the phone themselves and taking their guest on quite a “dizzy” ride as they walk around and chat.

Free For All Friday

Like clockwork we made our favorite two ingredient pizza and the kids chose The Incredibles this week! 


I hope you are able to implement some of these activities with your little one next week! I’d love to see pictures of your kiddos enjoying and you surviving your afternoons. Tag @astepinthejourney or use the hashtag #kiddosurvivalguide if you share on instagram or Facebook! 

**This post does contain affliate links, they cost you nothing but help me with my side hustle :)

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