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How Do Spiders Spin Webs for Kids

Last week we were leaving the neighborhood when we saw the most amazing spider web. To be honest I rarely would use the word amazing to describe anything spider related, but this web went from a fire hydrant all the way over to a street sign probably 6 feet away. It was incredible and as kids always do, they started asking questions…so I thought what a perfect Teach It Tuesday topic this would be!

First the kids predicted how they thought spiders made webs. We predicted where the silk came from, how they connect it to the poles/leaves/trees, etc. and talked about how we felt about spiders. Then we watched a video I found (an of course had previewed) on YouTube. Check it out here

The kids loved the up close clips of the spiders making their webs and catching the bugs. We actually watched it a few times!

Kid Spider Web Craft

Next we spun our own webs! The kids punched holes around the edge of a paper plate (great fine motor skill practice!). Then we threaded yarn back and forth until they had created their own spider web. And of course every web needs a spider, so we added one of those made out of paper. 

Spider Web Scavenger Hunt

Finally, we went on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. The kids love scavenger hunts and so this was the perfect opportunity to find real webs just like we had just learned about! I was worried we might not see one, but we actually found lots! You just have to look closely!

This was a great Teach It Tuesday! The kids learned a lot and so did I!

And I can’t pass up the opportunity to share one of our Halloween favorites….the Spooky Walk! It’s a cute song where the kids repeat and we like to do the hand motions!! Check it out!

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