Daily Afternoon Survival Activities | Week 1

Afternoon Activity Week One

Yay!! It’s is week ONE of sharing our afternoon activities with you! If you missed my post earlier this week about our afternoon survival activities you can check it out here! And below is what is in store each day of the week to help us all get through those LONG hour(s) between nap wake up and dinner/dad coming home!

Daily Afternoon Survival Guide (1)

I’m thinking I’ll keep these posts pretty short and simple, linking to other posts or blogs if needed for visuals/directions. And of course if activities need explaining I’ll include more information or pictures. I’m excited to create an index of weekly activities that I hope we can all use for weeks to come! So without further ado…

Make It Monday


This week we made oatmeal bites. We ALL love having these on hand to eat with breakfast, lunch or as a quick snack. Feel free to change up the peanut butter to almond butter, sun butter, cashew butter, etc. to make them work for you and your family!

Teach It Tuesday


Fall is finally here! We talked about why leaves change color (they lose their chlorophyll) and created a super cute leaf banner

Wander There Wednesday

We had a friend invite us to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. We love visiting here and became members last year. They have lots of fun activities for the kids and there is a splash pad which is always a hit!

Thoughtful Thursday


My sister just bought her first house! So we created these super cute house cards (and worked on our shapes!) to mail to her new address. Sorry, I can’t figure out how to rotate it!

Free For All Friday

It is still pretty (pretty hot) down here in Georgia, so we stuck with playing in the shade of our backyard before making our favorite two ingredient pizza and watching The Lion King.


I hope you are able to implement some of these activities with your little one next week! I’d love to see pictures of your kiddos enjoying and you surviving your afternoons. Tag @astepinthejourney or use the hashtag #kiddosurvivalguide if you share on instagram or Facebook! 



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