DAILY Afternoon Activity Guide

Daily Afternoon Survival Guide (1)

Several months ago I realized that I needed a plan. What for you may ask? Well, for those two hours when all the kids are up from their afternoon nap but dad hasn’t called yet to say he is on the way home! Yall, know what two hours I am talking about. I decided I could either give into the “witching hours” or I could make a change. The kids are pretty good for the first hour or so, eating snack, reading, playing in the playroom or outside…but that 2nd hour, we needed some structure so that all of our sanity would remain in tact until dad made it home. And so, I came up with daily themes…corny, maybe? But all is fair in love and motherhood. Whatever it takes mamas. 

I thought I would elaborate a little on each daily activity here and then I have big hopes to post for you our actual activities each week so that you can get ideas and maybe save your sanity as well! My goal will be to post our activities each Friday and then if you would like to use them the next week, you have the weekend to prepare (I promise the “preparing” will be minimal!). 

Make it Monday

On Mondays we create. Sometimes we create food, sometimes an art project, sometimes a mess, haha. Most of the time we make oatmeal balls or muffins (usually banana muffins or applesauce muffins). These are great to have on hand for the week for snacks or to go with breakfast. Other times we do “arts and crafts” as Chickadee calls it. We paint, color, cut, make seasonal crafts, and sometimes we even use glitter.

Teach it Tuesday

We work on different skills during this time. Writing, reading, letters, and numbers. Sometimes we play learning games. Other times we try experiments or we talk about answers to questions kids like to ask like, “Why do leaves change colors?” or “Why does it rain?” They are always learning, but it is also always fun!

Wander there Wednesday

Wednesday in our house is the only day no one goes to preschool, so we “wander” in the morning. Since we are gone all morning the kids are very content playing for those two hours in the afternoon, but you could easily wander to close locations in the afternoon. Some of our favorite places include the zoo, botanical gardens, trampoline park for toddler time, pet store, play date at the park, walking by the river, meeting dad for lunch, the splash pad, and the library. Get out there and go!

Thoughtful Thursday

On Thursdays I am encouraging them to think about others. The kids draw pictures for their teachers, make cards for friends and family, cook treats for neighbors. We FaceTime with my grandmother or our parents. I would also like to add to their world view and begin making treats for community helpers or cards for the checkout lady at the grocery store. Go shopping for a food pantry, make blessing bags to keep in the car when we pass someone asking for assistance. I’d love to hear your ideas.

Free for All Friday

This day is pretty up in the air. Every Friday night we make pizzas and watch a movie as a family. So we usually spend some time making the pizza with my favorite two ingredient pizza dough. Sometimes we finish projects we started earlier in the week or head back over to the library to pick out a movie. Hold strong mama…the weekend is coming!

Wish me luck! I hope to be back on Friday with a post of this week’s fun activities. 

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