TWELVE Months | Happy Birthday Poppy!



I thought maybe if I didn’t write this letter you wouldn’t really be ONE….but alas, here we are two weeks later and you continue to grow and bloom before our eyes. You are the cherry on top to each day, sweet girl. Your smile continues to make my heart go pitter patter as you soak in all of the “new” things in life. You are a HUGE people person (although you are currently Mama’s biggest fan!) and love smiling at everyone you meet. We have been praying from the day we held you in our arms that you would love BIG like Jesus. Your name sake, my aunt Lane, had the biggest heart and we pray you continue to as well! 

You have made the twelve month transition beautifully. You are still loving your sleep with two solid naps a day. This month we worked on weaning from nursing as well as dropping the bottle all together in favor of a sippy cup. You were drinking formula during the day so we simply started mixing it with whole milk until whole milk won out. And since you were nursing only morning and night we dropped the morning first and then the night of your first birthday was my last time to savor our bedtime routine. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad that you didn’t struggle at all the next day when I didn’t nurse you before bed, but I am thankful for your independence. Plus, I think you like being a part of the whole family’s nighttime routine of bible stories, prayers, and singing. 

12 months

You are still a pretty great eater, although you seem to be on a bit of a berry strike…oh, and you amuse yourself by throwing food on the floor. Mama is not amused although thankful that eventually it all makes it into your tummy. You love peaches, sweet potatoes, banana muffins and Chickfila nuggets (who doesn’t!). You are feeding yourself all finger foods and pretty good and monitoring your bites when you eat bigger things. 

As I mentioned before you LOVE playing with your brother and sister and it warms our hearts when we see all three of you playing together. Yall giggling and pretending is the best. You even join in by pretending to eat food they make in the play kitchen or wiggling during a dance party! However, you are also content crawling around and discovering every nook and cranny of our house. You started cruising the furniture and pushing your walker this month. EVERYONE was so excited and they love cheering “Go, Poppy, go!” 

You are still waving at everyone have continued to babble more and more. We feel like we have heard you say daddy, mama, hi, bye, and thank you but none of them super consistently. I’m still rooting for Mama to be your first word but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Another thing you are doing a lot of this month is mimicking. Whether it’s double eye blinking, blowing kisses, raspberries or sticking our your tongue you are really in a “monkey see, monkey do” phase.

Twelve Months

With it finally being summer, you have been around water A LOT and you are a fan! We now give you a bath with the big kids. You also love playing in the neighborhood pool or the water table in our backyard. However, I think your favorite water activity to date has to be the slip ‘n’ slide. We have one for the backyard and you would crawl all over that thing for hours if we would let you! 

You have a couple more teeth coming through that are giving you a little trouble, but I think we are all going to make it! At your 12 month appointment you were 19 lbs and 28.5 inches, so a little peanut (about 25 percentile) but you are mighty. I can’t wait to see how God uses you for his kingdom and pray for the day you choose to live your life for him. For now we will continue to write his words on your heart so that you might one day truly understand how to Love like Jesus! We celebrated your birthday simply here at home with just family and as always you were a joy to celebrate. We’ll share more about that day soon! Love you sweet girl and Happy Birthday!

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