Poppy! Seven & Eight Months


If you are new to A Step in the Journey, our baby #3 is growing faster than we can imagine. She was 8 months old this week & I love documenting all of her latest growth, milestones & special memories. She has another name, but on the blog we call her Poppy! If you are just here for the crafts and DIY check out this post and this one too!


Giggles & voice practice has abounded these last two months. You continue to grow too quickly for us all and we are doing our best to soak it in. We have been praying that you love BIG like Jesus and as your personality continues to flourish we see the genuine love you have for others blossoming. Don’t ever let go of your Christ-like JOY.


Six to Seven months was a big one for you! For starters you started sitting up on your own. It has given you a whole new perspective of the world (which mostly includes watching your brother and sister play!) and now you feel like you are truly a part of all the fun and craziness that surrounds you. Just after the new year you tried your first bite of real food, apples. Chickadee loved taking part in slicing and dicing the apples before we steamed and pureed them for you. She also gave you your first bite and we aren’t sure if you weren’t a fan or apples or a 4 year old feeding you but your faces were priceless. After a few bites though you decided this “real food” stuff was pretty great. You gave bananas a try next and so far you have eaten: apples, bananas, pears, avocado, butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, and baby pancakes. Your brother also slipped a little PB&J in there when mom wasn’t looking and at least we figured out you aren’t allergic to peanut butter. 

You have continued getting teeth and taking them like a champ. This month both of your top teeth have come completely through. At your six month appointment you weighed 15lb 14oz and were 26 inches long. You are in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothes. Naps are still three times a day around 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. I always sing you “The Lord will find a way for you…” a camp song as I put you down and as soon as you hit the mattress you roll over and go right to sleep. Such an easy baby & a great sleeper. You have started waking up about once a night again, but I think maybe you are going through a growth spurt. I’m trying to cherish that precious middle of the night time where it is just you and me and the rest of the world is quiet. 

One of our favorite things you have started doing is the #PoppyWiggle. I wish I could figure out how to upload video, but know it’s recorded and shows up on Instagram now and again.


The biggest milestone of this month has to be that you were baptized at church. Oh what a special day sweet girl. You were surrounded by family and friends as we all promised to teach you the love of Jesus and pray for you daily to know him deeply. What a gift from the Lord you are and we are so thankful he has entrusted us with being your parents. Your light reminds us daily of Jesus’ love for us.


And now you are EIGHT months. How can that be?

You’ve added two more teeth to your collection and are up to six. Folks always comment on your mouth full of teeth. You continue to be a great eater and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to nursing four times a day. You are still about 16lbs, wearing the same clothes and on the same schedule. You have started sleeping through the night again, so we are ALL thankful for that. You want to be “on the move” so badly. You spin around in circles on your belly and are constantly rocking back and forth on all fours, but you haven’t taken off quite yet! If we prop you up you are pretty good at “standing” and we know your legs will continue to get stronger.

eight months

Your favorite toy and a shape sorter. You love taking the blocks in and out and of course chewing on them. No longer do you ride in the carseat on walks, but have moved up to riding in the seat of the stroller. You are pretty content going for walks around the neighborhood or duck pond. You are also sitting in highchairs at restaurants and in the buggy at the grocery store. Seriously, time is flying by.

Your babbling and “squealing” is out of control. Poppy you are quite chatty and you are really finding your voice. And I think you are realizing in this party of five it needs to be a loud one if you want to be heard. You have been playing with voice volume a lot and I think your favorite place to practice those high pitches are at restaurants and the library. Everyone always knows we are there :)

eight months 2

We celebrated your first Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago and you became part of our annual book giving tradition. It’s was called If Animals Kissed Goodnight and we listed all the things we love about you at this age inside. You also met, Gertrude, your Ugandan sister when we went and heard her sing with the Sozo choir. You were teething and didn’t make the best first impression, but she loved on you like crazy anyway!

Keep smiling baby girl! Keep giggling and snuggling! You light up our world and we are so thankful to call you ours!

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