Easter Egg Bunnies | Toddler Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Bunnies

There is one day a week I get some special one on one time with my little man (or as he would say…I’m not little I’m BIG). Poppy is with us too, but she is still rocking the morning nap, so it’s usually just the two of us. And while he would probably prefer to be watching Thomas the train, I try and fill this time talking, crafting, learning or playing one on one. This week we crafted. His preschool class is called the “Bunny class,” so he was all about making these little Easter egg bunnies. 

If you would like to craft your own little bunny family, you will need plastic Easter eggs (make sure they are the kind with the two small holes in the top), a pipe cleaner, pom pom, googly eyes, Sharpie, glue & a pouch top. 

IMG_5715 (1)

I know the bunny is blurry, but he was so proud. #allthehearteyes

It feel like creating these sweet bunnies is pretty self explanatory, however, I did want to show you how we did the ears. 


It was great fine motor skill practice for Sprout. He poked each end of the pipe cleaner up through the holes on the inside of the Easter egg top. Then I folded each piece back down and twisted it in place to make the ears. 

We used hot glue (with much supervision) to attach the eyes, nose, and base. If your little one is more patient than mine, you could also use basic white glue, however there will be some drying time involved.


He couldn’t make just one….he wanted to make them for Chickadee and Poppy too. So he picked out what he thinks are their favorite colors and went to work. Sweet boy!
Toddler Easter Crafts

I love spending precious time with my boy. Can’t believe he’s almost three. Check out a few more Easter and Spring crafts below!

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