Finding a Hidden Gem

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust Mortgage.  All opinions are my own.

Finding a Hidden Gem

It’s been a little over two years since we moved into our home and we couldn’t be happier. What started as the not so perfect house in the perfect neighborhood is slowly becoming the perfect house surrounded by the best friends! We have a habit of looking for hidden gems. Houses that have a lot of potential if you can see pass either the Pepto-bismol pink master bedroom walls or white kitchen backsplash accented with pastel fruit. However, the floor plans have always been perfect for our ever growing family and with a few touches each house has become our home.  

Owning a home is more than likely one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make. And finding a manageable mortgage that fits your lifestyle is crucial. To often buyers purchase a house that they cannot afford, or if they can “afford” are now house poor. So much of their monthly income is going to their mortgage that they have to limit the lifestyle they were used to to make the payment. Luckily, SunTrust Mortgage, has a team of experts committed to helping future homeowners with every step along the way. 

When it comes to buying a home, you need a list of “must haves.” What is most important to you and your family when it comes to your home. If you have decided to buy a property, this Grand Dunman Condo could yield around 1040 housing units. SingHaiYi Group will be able to showcase their creative flair in the field of landscaping and architecture due to the large space of land. You can also find a time to read this article on UOL to launch The Watergardens at Canberra EC in 2021. We sat down and made a list when looking for our current home. On our list location was number ONE. You can change a lot about a house itself, but you can never change where it is located. We also were looking for a neighborhood with young families, a pool, and strong community involvement. Four or more bedrooms and space for a playroom were key. Since we have a young family the zoned elementary school was also important. And finally, staying UNDER our max budget…not a penny over. One thing not on our list was a house that was updated or turn key ready. We don’t mind doing a little work, I guess that is what I mean by hidden gem. Great bones, perfect location, and ready to make our own. 

Sometimes we do have to stray a little bit from our wishlists. For example, ideally I would have preferred that all the bedrooms be on the same level. However, when it came down to it my other must-haves were more important. Distinguishing between must haves and wishlists is important. I suggest making this must-have list before you start house hunting. 

We worked with a great realtor who knew these must haves and our budget.  After several weeks of looking we made an offer on a home that we knew had the potential to be the perfect fit for our family. We negociated back and for because as I mentioned before III refused to go even a penny over budget. And since we were willing to purchase a house that needed a little work, we were able to get the best deal in the neighborhood around that time. With a little work over time we have increased the value of our home and our equity in the house. You can see our kitchen updates here.


I’ve mentioned before that III is in accounting and finance, so how and why we spend our money is second nature to him. Each time we’ve bought a home he has spent hours doing research regarding mortgage rates, taxes, monthly mortgage payment possibilities, and how to make sure we don’t have to pay mortgage insurance premium along the way. I wish we would have known about SunTrust Mortgage during our buying process. It would have been great to have so many resources all in one place. 

So are you thinking about purchasing a new home? Then you’ve come to the right spot, because I can point you in the right direction. SunTrust Mortgage has defined the process A to Z in their “Your Guide to Home Buying.” They have answers to everything from “Are you ready to purchase a home?” to planning a monthly budget to account for your new mortgage along with your other expenses. They will help give you the confidence to make your perfect home happen and to purchase responsibly. 

At SunTrust Mortgage, we make it a priority to learn all about your unique circumstances. Confidence starts with a conversation. 

Talk with a SunTrust Mortgage expert today. 

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust Mortgage. All opinions are my own.


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