Strawberry Granola Pancakes


Brunch is one of III and I’s “things.” We used to go to brunch EVERY Saturday…you know back when we were “DINKs.” Have yall heard that before? It stands for Dual Income No Kids. We loved it so much we even served brunch at our evening wedding. Waffle bar, omelette station, hashbrown casserole, the whole deal. However 7 years into marriage those days are long gone and while we still get to breakfast once, maybe twice a month most Saturday mornings are spent at home making breakfast in our kitchen and hanging out with the kids in our pajamas.  

It’s really more economical…breakfast is extremely inexpensive to make and probably the easiest meal to replicate what they serve you at the restaurant. (Unless it’s a Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit, of course). Plus little kids have a hard time waiting to eat breakfast until about an hour after they wake up, so eating at home is usually better any way you slice it. I made these strawberry granola pancakes a few weeks ago and they were a big hit. You could really use any fruit! And the best part for a sleepy mom, the recipe starts with a box pancake mix! Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for sharing the recipe. You can find it here, on Food Network. The only addition I made was using a tablespoon of vanilla as well, and I chose to use store bought granola. They are delicious! We top both pancakes and waffles with Costco’s Kirkland Organic Maple Syrup. It’s DELISH. Add it to your list, now.

strawberry granola pancakes

So what is your favorite breakfast dish? I’m not sure I could ever narrow it down to one thing! Hasbrowns? Pancakes? Eggs Benedict? And now I’m officially hungry.

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