Windblown Toddler Activity


We go to the library EVERY week. Our local library is fabulous. They have a children’s area full of puzzles, board books, holiday themed search bins, and bead mazes. Story time is several times a week. The kids love the books, songs, and bubble/ball time. For the older toddlers they also do a craft time. We are so blessed, and I bet you are too. The best part is it’s also free.

Another bonus is it’s across the street from a little playground and the duck pond, another weekly MUST. These cute little ducklings were just born.


At the library last week Chickadee grabbed a book called Windblown. (affiliate link)


I’d not heard of it before but we threw it in our library bag and took it home. I’m so glad she did. It’s Amazon description says

Where did all these pieces of paper come from? Who do they belong to?

The chicken is sure that they belong to him, but so is the fish, and so is the bird, and the snail and the frog… Using the same small scraps of paper over and over again to create a new animal on each page, Édouard Manceau has created a timeless cumulative tale that will delight and enchant children as they try to figure out just who the pieces of paper do belong to.

The book is super cute and super creative. As a former teacher, I was all in on this activity. Chickadee and I cut out all the shapes one afternoon while Sprout was still napping. We had so much fun replicating the animals in the book. Then we tried making a few new animals & other things of our own. Chickadee is 2.5 so this was definitely a guided activity. She loves the opportunity to be creative & this book/craft project was a definite hit. So pick up the book or better yet check it out at your local library and enjoy an afternoon of fun with your little one!


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