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Dear Sprout,

July 11th you turned 15 months old. I am pretty sure that gives you toddler status to most, but to me you are still my baby boy. I think the time between your first birthday and today has been some of my favorite months with you. You are becoming more and more full of personality. We are starting to see how you think, what makes you tick, and what makes you giggle uncontrollably. You have likes and dislikes, interests and fears, and the ability to love fiercely as well as throw a little fit. You are my favorite little guy.

Your mobility has grown dramatically. You took your first wobbly steps May 10th, were able to go from sitting to standing by yourself on the 16th, and by the 30th I declared you a walker. In the last few months you have gone from taking cautious steps to running around the house in excitement. You still fall occasionally and your poor little head gets bumped quite often, but you are doing your best to keep up with Chickadee. Playgrounds and the backyard are so much fun now that you aren’t eye to eye with the wood chips and dirt :)


You’ve begun talking a lot since your first birthday as well. You first word was Mama (YES!) on May 31st. You also now say Dada, Chickadee, Bubba (for brown bunny), and attempt to say most of what we ask of you. You “talk” ALL the time and I have a feeling you will be an extrovert just like your daddy. You also sign. “More” was first on May 23rd and since then you’ve also learned milk, all finished, sleep & down. We are still working on please and thank you. You also communicate with us by waving bye bye and blowing kisses when you leave a room to go to sleep. Animal sounds have also been fun…your favorite book is “Head to Toe” by Eric Carle. You’ve learned to act like a gorilla, monkey, and seal from that book. Also the sounds of an elephant, cow, lion, and sheep are the cutest coming out of your little mouth. Not only has your ability to communicate with us grown, you also are understanding SO much & following directions.


Your sleeping continues to be up and down, but I’m happy to say you have been in an upswing the past week or two. Currently you sleep about 11.5 hours at night and take a 2-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. You are in the fun will he/won’t he take a morning nap stage and most days it ends up being a no. I think you will officially drop it all together pretty soon. You have started sleeping with Bubba, the brown bunny & I think you are attached. He brings you comfort and a smile and I know that is reassuring at night!


You ventured back to the beach in June. You absolutely LOVED the sand and the ocean. Standing in the waves and letting them crash into you was probably your favorite. You squealed and asked for more constantly. The sand you found to be quite tasty and were not happy we wouldn’t let you eat it, but took to playing with a shovel and bucket instead pretty well. We all four slept in a room together and while I was pretty nervous, besides the crazy early wake up calls by you it all went okay.

You are now in the walking room at church. You do pretty well most Sundays and Tuesdays. They have you “coloring” and sitting in a chair for snack. It’s pretty cute. However, I’m pretty sure your favorite part is when we come back to pick you up!

PicMonkey Photo

Our last doctor’s trip was at 14.5 months. You weighed in at 22lbs 8oz and were about 30 inches tall. That puts you in the 50% for weight and 25% for height :) We love you our little chunky boy. You had a pretty bad cold/cough and received your first dose of amoxicillin. We are thankful it cleared things us for you!

You continue to eat everything we do at the table. You love using a fork & I think I’ll take an adventure with you, a spoon, and yogurt soon. Your favorite food right now is anything on my plate not matching yours. You also are a big fan of sweet potatoes, string cheese, avocados, peanut butter sandwiches, and you can slurp down a smoothie in 10 seconds flat! You aren’t loving meat as much as you used to, but I am sure you will come back around. I think your sister went on a similar meat strike.

15 month collage

God is so good little guy and we are so blessed he entrusted us to be your parents. You are thriving and it is pure joy to watch you take in the world each and every day. We are praying for the day you come to know Jesus and pray that in the days to follow you move mountains in his name. We love you sweet boy. 


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  • He is adorable, and I loved reading this entry. Your posts about your children are wonderful! Sprout and Chickadee will cherish this chronological history when they are older.

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