DIY Toy Scoop from a Milk Jug

diy_toy_scoopStarting at about one we began teaching Chickadee how to clean up. We sing “Clean up, clean up, Everybody Everywhere…Clean up, clean up, Everybody do you share.” She started singing it with us a few months ago and now Sprout is starting to clean up too. This tidyness carries over to the bath tub.

The kid’s bathroom is also the guest’s bathroom so keeping it clean is important. For a while we had a blue netted scoop to clean up the toys but it held water and the netting was constantly needing clean. So I went to the recycling bin and found a solution in the kid’s milk jug. In about two minute I had a new scoop that works like a charm! Let me share a little tutorial with you!

I started with an empty milk jug and rinsed it out really well (we will wish is more in a little bit). You can throw away the top, you won’t be needing it.


I tried peeling off the label but it wasn’t budging without a fight so I just left it. Then with a sharpie I drew a line under the handle from one corner, over the middle, and to the next. 


Then using a razor blade I cut the black line. Next, with scissors I cut straight down from each corner and across the bottom. I used scissors so I could get a straighter edge. I then washed the inside and outside with soap and water.


And that is it. You could use this in the playroom to scoop up games with little pieces or legos. Or use it in the bath tub like we do for all of the kid’s bath toys. I didn’t reattach the top and it’s perfect for draining the water after scooping up the toys!


Any other ideas for getting kids to clean up? What about trash to treasure ideas?


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