9 Must Try Trifle Recipes


We are a little trifle crazy over here. I really don’t need a reason to whip one up, but for the sake of all of our waistlines I try and wait for one. Trifles are the easiest dessert to make and always look SUPER impressive. Here are a few of my favorites that I have whipped up over the past few years and a few I would like to try!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle


OREO Brownie Trifle


Strawberry Trifle


Banana Pudding Trifle


Carrot Cake Trifle 


Red, White, & Blue Trifle


Birthday Cake Trifle


Cookies & Cream Trifle


Caramel Apple Trifle

Are you drooling yet? So which one do you think you will make first? 

3 thoughts on “9 Must Try Trifle Recipes”

  • Going to make chocolate fudge peanut butter parfait today. It looks yummy ☺️

    You have a cute family, enjoy them because they grow up so quick

  • I’ve got 2 graduations this month and boy will these recipes come in handy; 1 for my strawberry lover and 1 for my anything chocolate with peanut butter lover. And both are for the it’s way to hot to bake and frost cakes lover. Thanks for knowing just what my family needs.

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