Guy’s Birthday Gift Idea

III, sometimes, is hard to shop for when it comes to his birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. He usually asks for things like shirts or newspaper subscriptions. While I am sure they make his eyes light up, they just aren’t any fun to shop for. So this year in addition to a lovely button down dress shirt I added a little fun to his birthday bag.


I bought Little Debbie Spring Cakes (like the Christmas trees from Christmas but the sprinkles are spring colors), Highlighters, Nutter Butters & Coffee. All things that III loves! Then on PicMonkey I created these little signs to attach to each one. I included the signs I made (just right click and save the image), but you can create your own too.







Here are a few other gift ideas…

Socks – We make a great pair!

Chips – You are all that and a bag of chips!

Snickers Bar – You always make me snicker!

Gift card – You are such a gift!

Beer, Wine Opener, Wine – You make me weak in the knees!

Nuts – We are nuts about you! (We did this one for Father’s Day a few years ago…so cute!)

So, get creative when you are buying your guy’s gift…he’ll love it just as much as his new sprinkler head.

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