Sprout | 11 Months


And just like that…it’s here. Your last “month” post. After today we only have one sticker left little man. I can’t believe the next time I sit down to write an update you will be ONE YEAR OLD! Such a bitter sweet time. The baby stage is coming to a close, and toddlerhood is just around the corner. We are just soaking up every second with you buddy!

We haven’t had a doctor’s appointment in about two months, but I think you are about 19lbs and somewhere around 29 inches. You are wearing size 3 diapers and both 9 & 12 month clothes.


You are growing like a weed little buddy. And now with your eighth tooth, you have really started shoveling eating everything you can get your hands on. We have stopped pureed food (outside of an occasional pouch which you can suck out yourself) and you pretty much eat anything we are eating. You love meat and cheese…strawberries are always a hit and I think you would be okay living on sweet potatoes. You don’t turn much down, except for avocado! Although you’ve been eating puffs for a while as of February 16th you started eating them out of a snack cup by yourself. Stud. You’ve started taking a little bit of formula, since my supply can’t keep up with what you are wanting to drink…however I plan to start moving you to whole milk soon (as soon as I can get you to drink from a sippy cup!).

 You are DEFINITELY on the move lately. Starting February 13th you began consistently crawling up on your hands and knees and we haven’t seen the army crawl since. You crawl quickest when you are going for small crumbs on the floor or when you are coming in for a hug. You also like to cruise around the furniture (Feb 29). The walker has become your next mode of transportation. Around the beginning of March you began cruising and giggling, and making all kinds of progress towards your walking learner’s permit. Oh, and March 1st, you summited the stairs for the first time (and not the last!).


You are very interactive lately. High fives started February 17th, waving March 9, and clapping March 10. Little baby babble might be one of my favorite things in the entire world and you are full of babbles. Lots of “dadadadadada” is heard when daddy walks through the door at the end of the day! As I mentioned before you love hugs and snuggling. You give the best hugs and your smile is soooo genuine.  

 You spent a lot of time at the park this month as temperatures began to heat up. You mostly climb the stairs, but with a little help can go down the slide. You love going for walks and riding in the stroller or beeping along in your little blue car. You really enjoyed the zoo for the first time and loved getting close to the glass and fences to see the animals.


So here we are…less than 30 days from you turning ONE. How can it be? We knew this first year with you and your sister, 2 under two, would be crazy…we knew we would be tired and feel like we didn’t have it together. We knew we’d probably be late most places and went and dinner wouldn’t always get made. And all of that is true. But buddy this year has also been the absolute best. You are such a blessing to our family and it is hard to imagine our life before you made us a family of 4. Your sister absolutely adores you (as long as you aren’t stealing her toys). And we are totally smitten. We see God’s faithfulness with your every breath. You bring us so much joy little one.

We love you.

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