The Most Delicious Pudding Dessert Combination


I made a pretty light dinner the other night and so felt the need to also serve dessert. I was hoping the treat would hlep overlook the fact that dinner was a bust. Trying to manage a 2 year old and 10 month old during the witching hour while cooking dinner is tough folks. So you know, sometimes we just have grilled cheese :)

Following by delicious dessert.

Pudding is always a hit with Chickadee so this night I ran with it and added a few toppings to make it extra special. I’ll keep this quick and to the point, I’m sure it’s not new…similar to the dirt dessert.

Jello Chocolate Instant Pudding & Milk | Cool Whip | Fudge Stripes


Make the pudding according to the package directions. After the pudding sets, spoon into a bowl, top with cool whip, and then with crunched up cookies of your choice!

Enjoy. Your family will thank you!


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