8 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

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Yall, Valentine’s Day is ONLY 3 days away. It sneaks up on me every year! We have an annual Valentine’s tradition of going to Felini’s, a local pizza place here in Atlanta. It started before we were even married…we had a reservation at a fancy restaurant a few days after Valentines, but no plans for the actual day. We went to a restaurant around the corner from my apartment, but it was packed and without a reservation we weren’t getting in. So instead we went across the street to Felini’s and we’ve spent every Valentine’s Day there since. However, this year we have moved a little further out from the city so we probably won’t make the trek. And with two kiddos 2 and under I’m actually not sure we’ll even leave the house…instead I have a feeling we’ll put the little ones to bed and have a fun date night at home.

What about you? Do you have big plans or will you be kicking it low key with me? If you choose the later, here are a few ideas to help make the evening LOTS of fun and full of LOVE! But if you are in a long distance relationship, there are long distance relationship bracelets that can help you strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

1. Play a Board Game – our favorite is Scrabble. III actually gave me the coolest Scrabble board ever for our anniversary one year. It spins! So pull out your favorite board game or a deck of cards and have a little friendly competition.

2. Cook a nice dinner together – If you have kids, feed them early. Then after they are asleep fire up the grill or start chopping some fresh veggies. Put a tablecloth on the table, like some candles, and maybe even pull out the china. Enjoy each other’s company.

3. Bake dessert – Choose something sweet and delicious, tie on the aprons and start baking.

4. Project Night – some might not see this as fun, but we both LOVE accomplishing things around the house. Plus we usually have great conversation when we are working!

5. The Great Outdoors – get the fire pit going, pour a glass of wine or if you are me, a coke! and enjoy a nice conversation under the stars.

6. Campout – Get a fire going, use coat hangers for the marshmallows and make some smores in the living room. I’m not sure it gets anymore fun than that!

7. The Dating Game – Do you remember when you first started dating and you could talk for hours, answer tons of questions to learn about each other and never repeated a story they already had heard? Try to take yourselves back to that time. You might think you’ll know all the answers to each others’ questions, but maybe those answers have probably changed.  1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married is a great question source. Your answers might just be surprising.

8. Movie/TV Night & Popcorn – This one is probably the most obvious, but you might be missing out if you think too simple here. For this date night don’t you want to be able to choose from the most options on TV? Let me introduce you and your date night to XFINITY On-Demand and their massive library of more than 150,000 choices. Think of all the date nights you could have working your way through that many movie and television series options.

Google Fiber is starting to make their way to our area and I must admit I am VERY intrigued. I’ve been doing a little research and recently found that their “on-demand” library only houses about 17,000 titles. That is  close to 130,000 less than XFINITY. I will definitely keep that in mind as I make a provider decision.

XFINITY also has an app in case you want to spend this movie night snuggled up under the covers. (and if you are ever away from home you can also download lots of titles and watch them as you travel)

My suggestions for your Movie/TV Night from the XFINITY On-Demand Library are


III and I are OBSESSED with this show right now. Neal was/is a conman who was finally caught by FBI agent, Peter Burke. Now they work together solving white collar crimes. It’s amazing. This one is a TV series, so make sure you are willing to commit to a little binge watching before you start!

Valentine's Day

This one is a little cheesy, but PERFECT for date night. Valentine’s Day follows the intertwining storylines of a diverse group of folks as they navigate their way through romance and heartbreak over the course of one Valentine’s Day.


Your husband will thank you for this one! And I must admit I enjoyed it too :) As the US government creates a force known as Ultron, The Avengers are told they are no longer needed. But when Ultron turns against humanity, The Avengers must assemble again for their most dangerous challenge yet.

How awesome that you can watch all of these (an MORE) with XFINITY On-Demand.

So if you can’t get out this Valentine’s Day or your next date night, don’t despair! Choose one of these 8 great options, or come up with one of your own (I’d love to hear about I). Date nights are so important to reconnect and focus on one another. ENJOY!

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