10 Months with Sprout



10 months. Way to go buddy! You look good in double digits. God truly blessed us by adding your smiles and giggles to our family. Your eyes are so friendly and inviting and I pray you grow up to be a friend to everyone. Your snuggles warm our heart and the open mouth kisses you have started giving while slobbery are priceless. We love you so much little man.


You continue to meet your milestones and are developing right on track! On January 18th Daddy found you sitting up in your bed. You continued to practice in your sleep and finally we had eye witness proof from Bebe on January 23rd. And that was just the beginning. You pulled yourself up to standing for the first time on January 22nd and we lowered your crib the next day. You started doing it on a regular basis starting February 6th. You continue to army crawl EVERYWHERE. You occasionally pull up on your knees and crawl, but only a few paces so I’m not quite giving your credit you :)


This was a good month for you in the sleeping department. You have been sleeping 11 hours straight through the night this month….probably your longest stretch of doing it consistently; we are all in a better mood because of it. You are still napping for about 1.5 hours around 9:00 and 1:00. Unless you are teething…


Teeth numbers #5, #6, and #7 came in this month. You aren’t a big fan of teething and it usually throws off your nap routine by shortening them a little bit :/. With all these teeth you are making huge strides in the eating department.

You feed yourself almost all the time…unless it’s yogurt or something similar where a spoon is needed. You had grilled cheese for the first time on January 11th and started eating whatever the rest of us were at meals that same week. I’ve noticed you have quite the love for meat…your favorites are beef and chicken. You also love bananas, sweet potatoes, peaches, and puffs. Eggs and avocado continue to turn up your nose, but we are hopeful you will come around.

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We spend our days playing in the playroom, going on walks to the playground (you love the slide), running errands, spending time with friends, and just enjoying you and your sister. Yall are the biggest blessings in the entire world and we are honored God chose us to be your parents. Love you baby boy!

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  • You have the most adorable children, and I love reading about them. Thanks for sharing information about their progress. You are a creative and loving mother!

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