Sprout | Eight Months



I promise your nine month picture will not be right before bed when I remember I need your monthly photo! You also won’t be wearing a pink polka dot sleep sack that I try to disguise by making the picture black and white. Oh, but that smile. I do hope you will still be my sweet smiley boy.


You are the absolute most smiley and happiest baby I ever did see. Your smile melts out hearts ever single time.

 This was a little bit of a rough month for you baby boy. After dealing with a pretty bad cold last month, we headed back to the doctor again because your wheezing returned. This time you were diagnosed with both an ear infection and RSV. You received your first round of antibiotics for the ear infection and we went back to using your inhaler to conquer that wheezing again. You had several rough nights, and even lost a pound since you didn’t have much of an appetite, but after a little over a week you were feeling better again!


Unfortunately, your sleep did not go back to normal and you’ve been waking up once or twice a night again. We hope you will decide to sleep all night again soon. However, your second tooth that popped through November 26th isn’t helping.

You are continuing to be a great eater. So far you’ve tried apples, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, mango, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, spinach, peas, carrots, and on December 1st you had your first pancake! You were a fan.


You are getting a lot of playing time with your big sister. You are now rolling everywhere. And you never stay where I put you down any more! We hosted Thanksgiving so you received all kinds of attention. The best came from your great grandmother.


 We took an early trip to see Santa Claus at the end of November and you were absolutely mesmerized by him. We can’t wait to continue sharing this Christmas season with you and are glad you are here to be a part of all of our family traditions.


We love you sweet boy & are praying for the man you will become. We pray you come to know the Lord early and that you are a man of great character, full of compassion, and a heart for serving others.

 Love, Mama & Daddy

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