DIY LOVE Mailboxes for Kids

Yall, can I be honest for two seconds. I really haven’t felt like blogging lately. I’m not sure why, maybe I just needed some inspiration. Okay…two seconds over because well, I got some inspiration.

Chickadee loves going to the mailbox. She is so cute carrying in the mail and opening up all the pieces (and stacks of Amazon packages). No one gets excited about the water bill like a 2 year old that just got to tear some paper. So she is my inspiration for this project, along with Valentines day that is just around the corner.

We love a good craft project. Chickadee is such a little creative, so these Valentines mailboxes were right up their ally.

Chickadee’s mailbox is made from a yogurt container and wrapping paper tube left over from Christmas.


Sprout’s mailbox is a red solo cup and paper towel tube.


For both mailboxes I used a razor blade to slice a 1.5 inch slit in the middle. Then I slid in the tube and taped it on the inside. We used cardstock, washi tape, stickers, and crayons to decorate both of the mailboxes.

I attached them to the wall using painter’s tape at first, but they fell immediately. So next I tried masking tape and so far it’s held everything in place.


My hope is to leave them a love note each night in February with a little message sharing something we love about Sprout & Chickadee at this age. And if things get crazy, maybe a little fun treat every now and then!


So what do you think? I already shared a few love notes with Chickadee and she got so excited about opening up her own mailbox and finding a little LOVE inside. I think February is going to be a lot of fun!!

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