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We have been doing a lot of crafts lately. From Halloween to Christmas is such a fun time of year and with little folks around there are crafts galore! This one isn’t anything new…salt dough recipes run rampant on Pinterest, but I’ve used this recipe for several things lately so I thought I would share! 

If you don’t have the recipe…here are the basics:

1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of water. 

Mix salt and flour first, then slowly add in water until you have a workable dough. Roll and cut on a floured surface. Bake for 2-3 hours on 275 degrees.

First, the obvious…an ornament. Chickadee made snowflake ornaments this year for her grandparents and aunts. We used a cookie cutter to cut out the shape and then a straw to poke the hole before baking. After they cooled, Chickadee used one paint brush and a couple shades of blue to marbleize them. I don’t think I could have made them look this good if I tried. At first seemed like she was making a mess, but it turned into a beautiful work of art. 



Last year she made these Santa handprints.


This use is also an ornament, but we handed them out at Chickadee’s 2nd birthday as favors. The were basically free so that helped with party costs. However, they were made with love by the birthday girl herself. Just remind your little guests that they aren’t cookies, because they sure do look like it!


If you are either of Chickadee’s grandmothers you should stop reading now :)




Another salt dough project crafted by Chickadee are these child’s hand ring dishes. 


I first used a toothpick to trace her hand onto the rolled out salt dough. Then I used a plastic knife to cut it out. Laying the fingers over a wooden ball to give it the correct shape, I baked it like normal. It took a little gentle prying but the hand easily removed from the ball after baking. I used some clay on the base to help it sit up a little better. Then Chickadee choose her colors and got to painting.

Here are a few other salt dough ideas I hope to try soon!

Gift Tags from Mathilda’s Market Blog

Cinnamon Salt Dough Hearts from About a Mom

Garden Markers from Humble Beads Jewerly

And I love this tip for whitening salt dough from Domestically Blissful!

So have I reawakened your excitement for all things salt dough? I hope so! We still have to make Sprout’s ornament for 2015. I’m thinking this footprint reindeer might be just the ticket!


2 thoughts on “Salt Dough Project Ideas”

  • I just love the hand ring dish. Can’t wait for the little one to get home from preschool to get started on it. Thank you. Trisha

    • Thanks! I can’t wait for Chickadee to give it to her grandmothers! I also thought about using air dry clay…just in case you are looking for options :)

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