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I can’t believe you are two. It’s been a whole week since you hit the big TWO and I am still trying to come to terms with it. TWO. What an amazing two years it has been. You make life exciting, a constant party, you keep us on our toes and make us laugh daily. We love you baby girl!

A lot happened in the last 6 months since I wrote to you. You had just become a big sister. You have been such a huge help and a sweet sister to Sprout. You love getting diapers for him and loving on his. Every night you give him kisses before bed. It’s a must! Yall are starting to really interact with each other. Sprout loves watching you do anything and you love when he tries to tickle you. 

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We’ve been trying to teach you the importance of thanking God for our food before we eat. On May 13 at breakfast we were in a rush and I started to eat. You said “Uh-oh” and put your hands together to say the blessing. Prayer time with you is so very special. 

You are like a little sponge sweet girl. You’ve learned so many colors, shapes, letters and numbers up to 13. I’m not sure why, but for some reason you LOVE the number 4 and the shape…star. You recognize your name as well as Sprout’s, Mama, Daddy, Bebe, Pop, Nana, Paw Paw, and Max. You will spend lots of time putting new puzzles together and have great concentration. You have recently gotten into Play-doh and it has been so much fun creating with you! Our art time also includes watercolors, crayons, and paint.

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 You’ve continued to talk more and more. Some words/phrases are a lot more clearer than others. When we ask you questions you saying “hmmmmm…” before answering. In the past few months you’ve started referring to yourself as “yours.” It’s the cutest thing ever. You also use the phrases “one more,” “there it is,” and “right back” just to name a few. Your favorite songs are Awesome God, Deep & Wide, Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes, and Behold, Behold (which you call Knock Knock). You love any songs with hand motions. 

You can use a regular cup now and love drinking out of a water bottle. You like to “jump” although you don’t get very high off the ground. I love watching you run and play. You could spend hours on a playground!! 

A few stats: got your bottom 2 year molars August 21, you weigh about 27lbs and are about 3ft tall. You are wearing 24 months or 2T in clothes and a size 6 shoe. You aren’t interested in potty training in the least. At night you sleep about 7:30pm – 7/7:30am and take a 2/2.5 hour nap each afternoon. Your sleep routine includes a book, song, prayers, and then white noise, turning out the light and then touching the green light of your monitor. Then we lay you down and you fall asleep on your own like a champ. We are so thankful you are such a great sleeper. 

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We are looking forward to see you continue to grow into the little girl God has designed you to be. As well as you continue to tackle the role of big sister to Sprout. We praise the Lord for giving us you to shape and mold into his disciple and look forward to you knowing him early, urgently, and deeply. Love You!

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  • We are so blessed to live close enough to enjoy so much of the journey with you! Pop and I are so proud of your parents and the constant love, guidance and desire to point you to Jesus every day. Love you Chickadee!

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