Ribbon Snake | Fine Motor Skill Practice


Have you ever thought about some of the things you now do on a daily basis, but at one point you had to learn how to do it? Example: pass a button through a hole. For a toddler, this is no easy task…it takes practice and is GREAT for working on their fine motor skills. 

And a plus for mom or dad….it’s EASY to make. You only need a few supplies and very little “crafty” ability! So grab two buttons, a couple pieces of felt, 1.5 feet of ribbon, thread, needle, and scissors.

Here is how you make your button snake. 

Using the needle and thread, attach the buttons, one to each end, of the ribbon. 


Then cut felt squares that are 2.5 x 2.5. 


Last make a slit in the center of each square.  You can do this easily by folding your square in half and making a small cut.  Make sure your button will fit through the hole.



The end. It’s as simple as that folks. Then let your toddler play for tens of minutes. This kept Chickadee occupied for about 30 minutes yesterday. It is a perfect activity for her to do independently while I’m feeding Sprout. 

Such focus.


Enjoy! And if you are looking for other fine motor skill activities, check out this list!


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