Fingerprint Spider Wreath


I don’t do a whole lot of Halloween specific decorating. It’s my own laziness really. I tend to stick to decor that is more all Fall encompassing. Pumpkins, mums, fall leaves, and burlap…lots of burlap. This way I can decorate September 1st and it will take me through Thanksgiving! I plan on sharing our Fall dining room soon. I LOVE it! Makes me smile every time I walk by. 

However, now that we have little ones in the house, I thought I would whip up a little orange & black and stray from my Fall specific ways.Chickadee and I made this wreath for her bedroom door. 


For this project I used a white wire coat hanger, orange tulle, orange cardstock, black paint, googly eyes, and houndstooth fabric. 

First Chickadee and I made the spiders. We used her footprint (minus her toes) for the body & then her handprint (minus her thumb & palm) for the legs. My advice for making hand and footprints with toddlers: put them in the highchair. This makes footprints easy because they can’t reach their feet for their hands to get in the way!


Then I cut them out and we added googly eyes.

For the wreath I started with stripes of tulle and a wire coat hanger. Start by stretching out the hanger into the shape of a wreath.


Then tie on the tulle. Last, I added the bow and added the spiders with hot glue.


It looks perfect on Chickadee’s door! I’ve teamed up with a few other friends to share LOADS of Halloween wreath ideas.


So many cute ideas…how will you decided which on to make???

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