Homemade Croutons


As I’ve mentioned before I have a privilege of staying home with Chickadee and Sprout. One of our activities during the school year is attending MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers). MOPS is a great group of Christian women who meet all over the country to discuss their faith, children, family, and marriage. I made some great new friends this year and even though the program is over for the year, my table group has still gotten together. Most recently we met for dinner at our mentor mom’s house. 

She had a great idea for a pot luck dinner. A BIG salad where we all brought different toppings. She had lettuce and chicken and everyone else brought a topping of their choice. I signed up for croutons and decided to make them myself (with a little help from the one and only, Ree Drummond).

They start with french bread.


Cut into slices.


Then into cubes. I actually used my kitchen sheers to cut the bread slices into cubes.


Drizzle with olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper. Then toss into a hot skillet.


You want to toss the croutons until they start to brown on all sides. Then store in a sealed container until reader to use! They turned out really great. One loaf of french bread made enough croutons for all 10 of us. 



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