Creative Thank You Notes


This post is long overdue, you can’t exactly tell, but it’s from Christmas. Fortunately, it’s an always relevant topic! My mom ALWAYS made us write thank you notes. I have vivid memories of packing thank you notes in our bags we packed for Christmas so we could write notes to everyone on our way back home. I think thank you notes are important and unfortunately, a lost art.

Since baby girl can’t exactly write thank you notes at her age, I thought a great way to show our appreciation for all of her Christmas goodies was to have pictures of her playing with everything!  


I still wrote a little thank you on the back. I am of course thankful too! So, there you have it…they are creative, cheap, and thoughtful, plus Chickadee got to play a part! I think I’ll do them for her birthday too. I can’t believe she’ll be 2 in less than 3 months!  


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