The Color Box


I have to give all the credit to my husband. I was feeding Sprout and he was heading out to cut the grass. We needed to contain Chickadee for a few minutes so he put her in an empty Amazon box and gave her a box of crayons.


Yall, she had the BEST time. She loves coloring and will sit at her table in the playroom and draw for hours minutes. So think of the color box as a coloring book with endless possibilities. 

III and I have both joined in the fun! We’ve added shapes and labeled colors since those are what she is learning right now. She loves pointing to things and saying “color?” 


We are on our third color box now….thank goodness for Amazon Prime and my ordering addiction :) 


Don’t you love free toddler entertainment? Speaking of coloring, you should check out this “almost” free coloring matching activity I created last week. Also these paint sensory bags are still a hit!


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