Sea Salt Caramel Apple Trifle


We moved into the BEST neighborhood. It’s movie like really…Easter Egg hunts, 4th of July parties, Hayrides on Halloween, and neighbors that bring you delicious baked bread and leave freshly picked strawberries on your front porch. Everyone has been so welcoming & even gone the extra mile and invited us over for cookouts. They really were the Hostess with the Mostest! I already shared these “Kitchen Sink” cookies that I brought to one get together, and now I want to share my newest creation that we brought to our most recent neighbor get together!

This trifle is so easy to put together! Hostess really did all the hard work for me because I didn’t have to bake the cake layer usually found in trifles! 


You see they are doing a limited addition Sea Salt Caramel flavor in both their CupCakes and Zingers. Each cupcake if made of yellow cake, a caramel creme filling, iced with caramel icing, and topped with the Hostess known Original Squiggle® & a dash sea salt. They will be on store shelves nationwide until July 31.


I was a little skeptical at first, because my grandmother pretty much makes the best caramel icing that ever graced the earth, but I must admit Hostess did a pretty good job on theirs! 


For the Sea Salt Caramel Apple Trifle you’ll need: 1 box of Hostess Sea Salt Caramel CupCakes, 1 large can of caramel apples, 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding (and milk), 2 tubs of whipped cream, and caramel sauce. 

Prepare the pudding to package instructions.

Once you have everything ready it’s time to layer. Start with half the apples on bottom, then half the pudding, 1 tub of cool whip, now place the 8 cupcakes. Repeat ending with the whipped cream. Refrigerate. Drizzle the caramel sauce on top right before serving. 


 The Hostess Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes really made this dessert delicious. I can only imagine how good it would be if you added in a layer of the Zingers as well!

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Hostess sponsored this blog post, but as always the opinions are all mine.