almost FREE Color Matching Activity


Chickadee is soaking up SOOOO much information lately. Her verbal understanding far outweighs her verbal communicating ability, so she makes for a good listener :) At least when she wants too. My mom gave her a shape and color puzzle and over the last week or two she’s learned both her colors and basic shapes. 

Also this week we started painting rooms in the new house which gave me this idea to help her use this new found knowledge. Paint swatches are free…clothes pins are cheap…and you should have tape and scissors around, so practically a free activity for your little one!


You’ll need two swatches of each color. On one trace the outline of the clothespin, then cut it out and use the tape (double-sided is best) or glue to attach the color to the clothespin. 



Chickadee went right to these after she woke up from her nap (notice the bedhead). It was a huge hit. She did need a little help squeezing the clothespin, but she’ll get it as soon as her hand get a little stronger!


I am loving this age (she’s 19 months). She is so much fun and soaking in everything! Can’t wait to see what she wants to learn about next!


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