Sprout has Arrived!


We received the sweetest little surprise on April 11, 2015. Our little BOY made his debut 5 weeks earlier than anticipated Saturday, April 11, at 5:06am. He weighed in at 5lb 13oz and was 19.5 inches long! Praise the Lord that he is happy and healthy. Sprout spent about a week in the NICU and step down nursery eating and growing and preparing to meet his BIG sister before coming home.


We are so happy to have him home and are soaking in these first weeks as a family of FOUR. Thanks for sticking around & I promise to be back soon to share lots of details about the new house (we moved in 1.5 weeks before Sprout arrived!) and our growing family. Life is crazy but amazing. Thanks for joining in our journey!



9 thoughts on “Sprout has Arrived!”

  • Yay!! Congratulations!!! God is good! We were surprised to find out we are expecting #6 this September!! Lol I think I was pregnant when u were pregnant with your sweet daughter too lol.
    Kids are just a blessing!! I’m so happy for you guys!! We are to move into our new home in September too right when baby is due so I get it the busy and hectic times!! God is good all the time! Take your time enjoy the new blessings and come back when ur ready! Take care!

    • Thank you sooo much! Congrats on #6 :) We are hoping to have a big family too, but we will see how we do with two first!

  • You and Trey have BEAUTIFUL babies. Best wishes to all of you as your life changes (for the better, of course) once again. God bless you!

  • Congratulations. Giving God all the Glory that Sprout is home in loving arms of his parents and BIG sister!

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