Chickadee is 18 Months


Dear Big Sister,

You have had a busy last three months! At the end of March we moved out of the house we brought you home to and into the house you will probably remember as the home of your childhood. It has a great yard for you to play in as well as a fabulous playroom where you can play and explore for hours! You did great during the move and were a big help with both packing and unpacking. You loved decorating the moving boxes. 

You have been learning sooooo rapidly these past few months. In early February you mastered identifying your head, nose, ears, mouth, belly button, feet, eyes, and hands. Also you are quite the animal noise box. My favorite is the elephant because you put your arm up like a trunk when you make the elephant noise. You also can imitate a dog, lamb, lion (just make a roar face…no sound), monkey, cow, and fish. 


You are constantly mimicking a lot of our actions and try to repeat most words we ask you to say as we identify everything in sight! You know the colors purple and yellow and are working on a few others.  Your vocabulary is really taking off! You LOVE bubbles and we hear “bubu” all the time. Water is also a new word in your vocabulary along with banana, paw paw, pop, ball, and baby. 

 You continue to be a great eater and seem to be over your “meat strike.” Some of your favorites are eggs, butternut squash, grilled cheese, and smoothies. You are doing a great job eating with a fork and spoon too. We are so impressed with your fine motor skills!


Everything is really going great as you hit the 18 month mark. Our only struggle right now is getting you to fall asleep. You are having some pretty strong separation anxiety and it hits hardest at bedtime, If you need to deal with then anxiety to get to sleep, you might want to get some full-spectrum CBD. If you do not know what it is, check this article named Full-spectrum CBD explained.

We spend a lot of time comforting you, but don’t want to get in the habit of you having to have us there to fall asleep so we’ve been trying a lot of different approaches. We hope this is a short lived phase and you go back to being a great sleeper soon! You’ve also dropped down to one nap a day around 12:30/1:00. 


Chickadee, you continue to light up our life on a moment by moment basis. Your spunk is contagious and your sweet heart is such a gift. We pray for the day you come to know Jesus personally as your savior and begin living every moment for him. Until then we pray we can model unconditional love to you and teach you how to serve others. 


Your biggest accomplishment came this past month when you became a BIG SISTER one week before you turned 18 months. Baby girl, you love your little brother fiercely! You always want to check in on him and give him lots of hugs. We believe that you will continue to be a fantastic big sister, setting an example for Sprout and teaching him soooo many things! We can’t wait to watch yall’s relationship blossom and pray you are best buds! 

 big sister collage


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