NO MESS Painting for Toddlers


 It’s been raining and cold and downright yucky here in Georgia for the last few weeks. Some days seem longer than others and our afternoon project and activities are what sometimes I count on to get Chickadee and me through until dad gets home from work. Last week I shared some finger painting that Chickadee did for her Eric Carle inspired artwork. She loved it, but she didn’t like being messy! So when we (really I) decided for Chickadee to paint again one afternoon, I came up with a new plan. And yall…it was a huge hit. 

All we used was a gallon size ziplock back, a couple of paint colors, and some tape. I started by squeezing several blobs of paint inside the bag, don’t worry about putting to much…I think I should have used more, so lay squeeze it on think in multiple colors. Then I sealed the bag tightly and taped it to the floor using basic scotch tape, you could also use painters tape. It didn’t take her long to figure out what to do.



Lots of smearing…lots of moving around to play with the paint from every angle. I think this might be a weekly recurring activity! And I hope your toddler will enjoy it just as much. You could probably even frame it if you wanted. I’ll let you know how, if I decide to frame one :)


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