Cool Whip Dyed Easter Eggs


Yall I’ve discovered the most amazing Easter egg dying technique ever, and I am soooo glad I have each and every one of your to share it with!!

Last year Chickadee was about six months old for Easter, and I must say she wasn’t quite up for dying Easter eggs. And do you know what I found out this year….1.5 year olds aren’t up for dying them either, because well, it’s boring to drop eggs in vinegar dye and wait. So we went a different route. 

When you dye eggs with Cool Whip (or you can used Shaving Cream) the little ones and big ones too can get right in there and have FUN! It becomes an involved activity and you can really get your hands dirty. I found with Chickadee Cool Whip was better in case she stuck her fingers in her mouth. Also if you plan on eating the eggs and are worried about the cream getting into any cracks, Cool Whip is the solution.


So here is the how to:

You’ll need Cool Whip (or Shaving Cream), food coloring, and hard boiled eggs (here is the a recipe for hard boiled eggs in the oven

Using a shallow, glass baking dish fill the bottom with Cool Whip. Then choose your colors and put in LOTS of drops. Some of the food coloring boxes have directions about mixing colors too if you are feeling adventurous. Swirl around and then place in your egg. At this point you it’s time to go to town. You want to make sure EVER part of the egg is covered in dyed Cool Whip.


Now let me explain how fun this is for a 1.5 year old in a few pictures. First, a picture of Chickadee while dying the eggs.


And now a picture when I had to tell her we were finished….


It’s obviously overexposed but you get the point. She wanted egg dying to continue FOREVER and trying to convince her we would do it again another day was not working. She came around eventually, thank goodness. I think this picture proves my point, though. It’s fun!

Once the egg is nice and covered, pick it up gently and place it on newspaper or cardboard. 


The longer you leave on the dyed cool whip, the more intense the colors will be. I actually ended up sticking them in the fridge overnight to get the brightest ones. The next morning we used a paper towel to wipe them clean & the most beautiful Easter eggs were left behind.


I’m pretty sure we will dye Easter eggs like this from now on. And when you are done looking at how pretty they are…you can make egg salad! 


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