Use Your RAZOR to De-Fuzz Your Sweater


I love a quick fix like most of you out there and this little tip is one of my favorites!! A few weeks ago I bought Chickadee a precious Little Boden dress off of one of the Facebook consignment groups I follow (read about how I love shopping this way here). I was a little nervous because the sweater dress had some pilling, i.e. lots of fuzz balls. Fortunately, I had just learned about the great “invention” of all time, a sweater shaver. So I thought I’d just order one off Amazon and we’d be set. Well, it was $30! ummm, kind of defeating my “consigning” goals. 

So what did I do you may ask? I turned to a trusty little tool found under the sink in my bathroom. You guessed it, a disposable razor. Yes, please. Yall, this little razor worked wonders on Chickadee’s sweater dress and I’ve been de-pilling everything since!

A few tips: 1) Use a new razor 2) DO NOT press down too hard or your will snag the fabric…you just want to graze the top. 3) It works best if you lay the fabric over an ironing board or solid surface 4)Work in small sections.

Here is the before on some maternity leggings I de-pilled using my razor!


After about 5 minutes of “shaving” my leggings…I actually did this fabric while I was wearing them :)



I had lots of little fuzz piles that I simply rolled away with a lint roller!


Pure genius if you ask me! So what other secret uses do you know for items found under your bathroom sink?? I’d love to hear them!


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