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There are so many things that are different about expecting baby #2, Sprout (we are not finding our gender, but we have affectionately named them Sprout)! For starters I think I am a lot more relaxed, or maybe Chickadee consumes so much of my daily attention that I don’t have the time to stress about all of the what if’s. Also, I’m not nearly as on the ball with the nursery decorating. Some of that has to do with us selling/buying a new house, but a lot I think has to do with knowing it will be a while before Sprout calls the nursery home, so I have time. Lastly, there aren’t nearly as many registry items to be researching. We pretty much has all that we need! Bassinet, check. Diaper pail, check. Glider, check. However, there is one adjustment we will have to make. Since Chickadee will only be about 18 months when Sprout arrives, we’ll need another video monitor. 

Aren’t video monitors the BEST! My mom would say, “how did she ever make it without all these new baby gadgets…” but then again I am sure her mom told her the same thing. Video monitors give moms so much peace of mind so they can maximize nap/bed time knowing their baby is safe and sound. 

With Sprout on the way and our need for another monitor, the find folks at Levana have sent me their Ayden Video Monitor to use and share with yall my thoughts! There are three things I think are imperative in a video monitor. #1 good picture and sound #2 long battery life #3 peep or sleep mode

Folks, the Ayden monitor has it all plus more! The designers talked with real moms to find out what they need in a monitor and then they set out to meet those needs. Since they only make baby monitors so they are focused on making the best! So, let me tell you a few things I love about this monitor specifically:

#1 The picture is clear and the sound is crisp. The screen is large which provides a great picture even when the camera is up to 15ft away. The sound on the parent end is clear, and it also has a cool feature, “two way talk,” where you can talk to/calm your baby without having to go into their room.

#2 A fully charged battery can last up to 48 hours. By the end of the night our current monitor almost always dies before we are ready to go to bed. The long battery life is a great feature of the Ayden monitor.

#3 Our daughter currently sleeps with white noise and having a monitor with Peep/Sleep mode is awesome. You can adjust the sensitivity so that the monitor “wakes up” when noise in the room reaches a certain level. This way you don’t have the white noise hummmm following you around as you carry the monitor from room to room.

#4 The camera monitors the temperature in your child’s nursery which is a great feature!

#5 You can add up to 4 cameras and rotate between them from the same monitor.

#6 The camera and monitor were created with ClearVu digital technology. This means that your monitors signal can’t be hacked which ensures your child’s safety. 

Aside from these great features, I love that the Levana Ayden monitor ensures that my child is safe and frees me up to maximize the time while they are sleeping. I can be down in the kitchen baking or in the office blogging and clearly see Chickadee (and eventually Sprout) is safe in her crib. 


I will say that I wish I was able to tilt the camera from the monitor, but with Sprout being “confined” to the crib for a while I don’t see that being a problem any time soon!

Now for the best news, Levana is giving away one of their Ayden monitors to THREE of you! 

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To purchase the Levana Ayden monitor, 

Also check out the Levana website HERE and Facebook page HERE!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.




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