Small Things in 2015


Happy 2015! Can you believe Y2K was 15 years ago? It’s like I blinked, and I went from starting high school to married with a family. 2014 was a long year for us….if you follow this little blog you might remember that our theme for last year was SURVIVE. It was our first FULL year with Chickadee, our first year on only one salary, and our last year with III in grad school. I am happy to report we persevered and came out as a stronger family in the end. I cannot describe how fun it has been watching Chickadee grow this year. She has really come into her own personality, loves interacting with everyone, and is all over the place these days. III finished his MBA in early December, and we are ALL glad that the days of working during the day and going to school at night are OVER. He capped off the year with a promotion which validated all his hard work! We are so proud of him! 

Like I mentioned before, every year III and I have a theme. It all started with Discipline 2009…followed by Adult 2010, Savor 2011, Invest 2012Prioritize 2013 and Survive 2014.

This year our theme is SMALL THINGS. We don’t have any major goals, just plans to focus on the small things that hopefully will impact our day to day life. I really think the small things are what make a long term difference…packing your husband’s lunch, playing in the floor with your kids, breath prayers to God throughout the day. Life if full of a lot of small things, and this year we are focusing on them.

Here are a few small things I have in mind.

1. What we are putting in our bodies. Nothing drastic, more greens, organic fruits….less processed food from a box.

2. Getting outside more….walking with III, Chickadee and Max, going to the playground, enjoying God’s creation.

3.  Getting up earlier to start my day in God’s word before Chickadee wakes up.

4. Blogging…I’ve fallen of the blog bandwagon lately, I’m sorry. I am starting back small :) My goal is twice a week.

5. And probably the biggest small thing I want to focus on this year will be ARRIVING in MAY! Chickadee is going to be a big sister as we add another bundle of joy to our family a short 19 months after Chickadee made her debut. Baby’s nickname is Sprout, and we have decided not to find out gender. We are halfway through this pregnancy and know it will be exciting to find out in a few months if Chickadee will have a little brother or sister. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!


As always we place each day and each moment big and small in God’s hand. We don’t always know what the future holds, but know God will be there to walk with us in the journey! Happy 2015 everyone!


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