How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree for the Kids


Happy Monday everyone!! Did you have a great weekend?? Any festive holiday events? Did you do a little Christmas shopping? I tried to capitalize on Chickadee’s naptime and III being home studying for his MBA to stand watch and definitely crossed a few shopping items off my list!

I am sure you have seen these cute felt Christmas trees all over Pinterest…it’s not a new idea. However, it is new in our household and has totally mesmerized Chickadee. She will spend hours minutes (but like 20) putting up and taking down the lights, presents, and ornaments! 

I don’t think this needs a full tutorial, but I will share a few tips with you. First, just a heads up…felt sticks to felt so their is no need for attaching velcro, snaps or anything like that. Next, Michaels sells large 36×36 squares of green felt for $3.99. To make your Christmas tree fold the square in half and draw out 1/2 of the tree, like so


If you don’t like your first sketch try again, you can see I had to make some adjustments. Then cut through both pieces…when you open it up you’ll have the most fabulous tree! 

The lights, star, ornaments, and presents are all cut out of felt and embellishments are added with a little hot glue. Before I cut out the Christmas tree Chickadee had fun just stacking and rearranging all the parts on extra pieces of felt!




Now, I first tried to attach it to the wall using painter’s tape, but it just wasn’t sticking to the felt. So after testing it on the wall I moved on to duct tape. I used a little hot glue to attach the duct tape loop to the felt and then pressed it to the wall. It has been holding up really well as Chickadee pulls, and plays, and yanks! She really does love having this as an option to play during the day. I love sharing in all the Christmas fun with her and can’t wait until I she really understands how these little presents represent the greatest gift of all, the birth of Jesus!



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