Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I will be in and out a bit on the blog lately. I’m trying to catch up on Etsy orders and planning Chickadee’s birthday and those two seem to be taking up A LOT of my naptime. But I wanted to pop in for a second today and share this quick Halloween craft. 

I don’t usually decorate a whole lot for Halloween. I tend to just add fall leaves and pumpkins to our decor and like how that lasts us through Thanksgiving. But these little mason jars are just too cute not to add to my fall decorating this year.


I don’t have a tutorial for you, because I’m not sure you even need one :o) What you will need is a mason jar, googly eyes, and washi tape. Start by mixing and matching tape as you wrap it around the jar. Then on your last piece slip one or two or eight googly eyes under the tape. If you want them a little more secure you could use hot glue!

That’s it!


I made a one eyed monster one also. These would be so cute for a classroom Halloween party, either for the kids to make or for drinks!


So do you decorate for Halloween or go the FALL route like me?  


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