The Most Amazing Buttercream Icing Ever!


I have a blogging friend and her name is Gwen (The Bold Abode), and well folks she is the bomb. Seriously, I’ve met her in person and can testify to the fact that she is the nicest person ever and a must follow blogger. You can thank me later.

You see, the other day I was making these caramel apple cupcakes (are yall as ready for fall as I am???), and I realized I didn’t have any icing. And well, a cupcake without icing….that is just a muffin folks. And who wants muffins for dessert? So, it was Gwen to the rescue. She saved my cupcakes from having to live out their lives as plain boring muffins. Whew! And after making my own, I am pretty sure I will never be buying store bought buttercream icing again. 


I had everything on hand and was able to whip, literally, this up in seconds.

So have I enticed you yet? Well you are going to have to head over to Gwen’s place, The Bold Abode to grab the recipe. She breaks it down for you step by step…the only advice I would add is if you are in the deep, humid till October, South like me, let the icing sit in the refrigerator for a little bit to firm up before icing your cupakes/cake/cookies. Now head on over and tell Gwen I said hey!

click here


And because I feel like I should apologize to all the muffins out there.


 So see, you can have you (cup)cake and eat it(a muffin) too! Enjoy!

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