Happy 10 Months Chickadee


Dear Chickadee, 

DOUBLE DIGITS! I cannot believe we are two months away from celebrating your first birthday. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Another month with the happiest baby on the block, another month of God blessing us with your sweet smiles and squeals! You, sweet girl, are one of a kind in the best way. I know I’ve said it before, but we are so blessed to be your parents.


One of the biggest changes to date came this month. You are CRAWLING!! Two days after you turned 9 months you took off and have not slowed down since! And girl, you are fast. My days now consist of chasing you around and trying to keep you contained. We’ve had to put a gate up between the living room and kitchen, mostly to give Max a little space. You love crawling after him and when he walks away you keep after. You love him! But we have to let him be sometimes :o) When you are in your crib or trying to reach something up high you often push yourself up on your knees to be able to see. I am sure you will start pulling yourself up soon, but for now you are okay with just going up half way! You are great at waving hello to everyone (not big on goodbye) and if you hear someone say “Yay!” you immediately start clapping. It is so precious.


On July 21, the same day you started crawling you started sleeping on your stomach…and you finally got back to your regular good sleeping habits. You continue to sleep 12+ hours at night, often till 8:15 in the morning. Your two naps each day (usually around 10 and 2) are at least 1.5 hours if not more. Keep it up little lady! And I almost forgot, if you are sleepy and feeling up to it you will put your head down on my should before you go to sleep! Makes a mama’s heart sing!


Eating…you are feeding yourself 95% of the time. Yogurt & smoothies are the only things you eat from a spoon which is crazy. You are so independent Chickadee. Your favorites are still peaches & blueberries, and you’ve taken a liking to chicken. Just last week you had your first kid’s meal from Chickfila and you enjoyed grilled chicken nuggets and fruit. One other thing you have discovered with regards to eating and feeding Max when you are in your high chair. He is always waiting for something to hit the floor, but every now and then he is able to take it straight from your hand since you seem to be offering it to him! Also you have mastered eating puffs out of your snack container when we are out running errands.


You stayed away from both mom and dad for the first time. We headed to Mexico for a little rest and relaxation and you spend a few days at Camp Bebe and Pop (with a special visit from Nana and Paw Paw). You did great! And while we had a great time we missed you like crazy and were so happy to see your sweet face when we got home. 

One of your favorite things this month has been Music class. We go with other moms and babies and you love singing, dancing, and playing with all of the fun instruments. At home you love dancing to music on mom’s iPhone. We also joined a playgroup and love meeting with our new friends each week! 

10 months

Let’s keep having fun Chickadee! Love you!


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