DIY No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt


Chickadee has quite a DIY kind of nursery. Everything from her painted crib to her IKEA Hack dresser. So of course her crib skirt would be a simple do it yourself project as well. I really can’t even believe I am doing this as a tutorial because it is so easy. Seems silly, but you just might thank me because all your crib skirt search problems are now solved.

So here is the how to on creating your very own adjustable crib skirt. Focus on the word adjustable there….crib mattresses begin at the highest setting, but as baby grows the mattress comes down and the skirt has to come up. So that is why it’s adjustable. 

So back to the tutorial:

Supplies: Fabric of your choice (mine is from Hobby Lobby), stitch witchery, iron, binder clips

01. Measure your crib the front of the crib. (I didn’t actually do this, but think it is a good idea). Add 1-2 feet to the measurement. (If you want the skirt to be on the sides as well, measure those too, add 1 foot & then follow directions same as for the front.)

02. Go to the fabric store (or Hobby Lobby) and purchase the length you measured. We have a pretty standard size crib and the sides don’t really show due to a wall and the laundry basket so I only skirted the front! I purchased 2 yards.

03. Iron your fabric

04. Choose one of the LONG sides of your fabric and using an iron and stitch witchery. Fold up one side, just enough to cover the witchery and “hem.” The packaging will tell you all about setting your iron and how long to press before the magic happens! 

05. Take out the crib mattress or prop it up on the back of the crib. Feed your fabric, hemmed edge down, between the springs and rails of the crib. Lower until the bottom edge brushes the floor. 

06. Fold over the excess fabric and lay on top of the springs. Use the binder clips to attache the fabric in place! Start with the far sides, the bunch to your liking as you clip moving inward.


If you want to add the skirt to the sides of the crib follow the same directions.


If I’m getting real, I didn’t hem the bottom of my fabric…it had a pretty smooth edge and against the carpet it is hardly noticeable unless you crawl down on the floor to look.

So that is how I made a washable, adjustable, easily removable crib skirt out of the fabric of my choice! The entire project took 5 minutes and $12. Anyone else creating a DIY nursery??? 


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