Father’s Day Gift Idea for the Little Ones

If you are my husband and Chickadee’s dad don’t scroll down :o) This one is for you!


June 15th will be III’s first Father’s Day. I really want to make it special for him. He is such a great dad and Chickadee loves him so much…she literally has be biggest smile and squeals in excitement when he comes home from work. It might be the cutest thing ever, except that in our “unbias” opinion everything she does is the cutest thing ever!

After thinking of all the things I could buy him I decided instead to create something a little more from the heart. After all, he isn’t my father, so I think the gift needs to be from “her.” As least as much as a 7 month old can participate in the gift giving . I decided on creating a photo collage for his desk at work. He misses her during the day. Without fail I always get a text that says “Chickadee pic?” So I hope he’ll love this. 

It was simple really, the most difficult part was keeping the letters out of her mouth!

Supplies: one letter D, one letter A, paint

I don’t think a tutorial is needed. But, a few tips: take two pics holding the D and one holding the A. If you have three children have one in each photo, if you have two children take one of each holding the D and then take one of them together with the A. Four children….one with the D, two with the A, and one with the D. And so on and so one depending on how many children you have been blessed with!


I’m pretty sure he is going to love it. Maybe I’ll throw in the Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle as the icing on the cake! Chickadee will be in charge of watching the Jello pudding set!

We're NUTS for you

Do you have any other creative Father’s Day ideas? I gave my dad peanut’s a few years ago :o) 



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