DIY Snack Canisters


I am always looking for ways to add storage to the kitchen, while also trying to make that storage stylish & functional. More often than not I check out Pinterest and begin drowning in  inspiration and don’t know where to start! Do you ever feel that way? Well luckily my friends at Martha Stewart Living decided to help me out with the decision making and just leave the DIYing up to me :o)

They sent me a box full of goodies, including these awesome Silo canisters, as well as Martha Stewart’s line of awesome adhesive stencils, satin paint, and foam pouncers. And they were sweet enough to also include Weight Watcher’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss Bites! What would snack jars be without some snacks, right? I think they heard I am trying to keep off the “Chickadee weight” so these little bars were right up my alley! 


A lot of the time when trying to come up with a design we try to get to fancy, so this time I decided to stay on the simple path. These adhesive stencils are great. They stick so well and leave clean lines when you remove them. First, I lined up what I wanted my canisters to say.


eat. (e)njoy.

*I had to use the E twice! 

To apply the paint I used the foam pouncers. The key to stenciling is not globbing on the paint. After dipping the foam pouncer into the paint I always recommend dabbing it off before going to apply it to the stencil. Apply a little at a time.


Two layers should be perfect, one after the other. And then remove the stencils before the paint drys. You don’t want to pull off the paint when you remove the stencil and if the paint dries that will happen. So work quickly!

The great thing about these stencils specifically is you can reuse them over and over. After removing them from the canisters I simply stuck them back on the plastic sheet they came on, wiped them down with a baby wipe to remove the paint, and then dried them with a paper towel. 


Once the paint dried, I filled them up with my new treats!



Simply, stylish, perfect. I think I’ll put my favorite cookies in the other one  :o)



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