How to Keep an Avocado from Browning


I’ve been giving Chickadee avocado for several weeks now, it was actually her second food. She wasn’t a fan at first, but this super food is growing on her. I’m a enjoy a few slices myself when she is eating, but the two of us can’t eat an entire avocado a day. So I needed a way of keeping it from browning. I know it’s not technically bad when it browns, but it prefer it not. I had tried wrapping it in saran wrap, but it wasn’t working. I did a little research and found the SECRET!


Here is what you have to do: keep the pit in the avocado….and put it in sealed tupperware with a chuck of onion. That’s it.


Awesome, right? Try it. You won’t be sorry. Baby girl sure is glad her avocados aren’t brown.


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18 thoughts on “How to Keep an Avocado from Browning”

  • My Mom told me about this 40 years ago. Also, when you make guacamole, leave the seed in it for the same results. It doesn’t last long enough around here, but its good to know ;-)

  • I eat half an avocado every single day. I store the other half in a plastic bag with the seed intact. Zero browning.

    I’ve tried freezing avocados, but find they get mushy. Fine if you’re going to use it in a recipe or a smoothie, but kind of yucky if you’re putting it in a sandwich.

    • I eat half of my avocado as well and then put it into a plastic bag, close it all the way until I have a hole big enough to stick a straw through, suck out all of the air and then close it the rest of the way. So far so good, I have not had any problems yet. But the onion idea sounds way better.

  • If you own a Foodsaver or a seal-a-meal, slip your avocado with the pit in a small Foodsaver bag and seal it. It will stay fresh and green in your refrigerator for days or pop it in the freezer for longer storage.

  • I love your website, and found you only because you put your name on the photo, because this avocado tip pic is being used by other websites om Pinterest. Thanks for a great website.

  • “Leftover avocado”? What in the world is that (LOL)? Avocado is such a terrific super-food, I never leave any behind if it’s just one. Been making my own guacamole for more than 25 years, and it’s soooo good, I have to be very careful not to overeat it!

    Avocado is fruit, just in case no one knew that, and as such, if you’re going to use it to make cookies or brownies or chocolate pudding (yep, all those!), you won’t want to store it with an onion. Somehow, chocolate and onions haven’t yet managed to get along well :-)

    • Actually you can eliminate the onion.. The trick is leaving the seed, or pit in the avocado.. Or putting the avocado seed into your guacamole.. I’ve made guacamole several times without using any lemon or lime juice and just putting the avocado seeds right into the guacamole.. It works like a charm! No harsh onion flavor or sour lemon flavor..

  • Great tip! A tip for keeping your guacamole from browning when you need to make it in advance is instead of mixing the lime or lemon juice into the guac, let it form a shallow layer on the top of the whole bowl and don’t mix it in until right before serving!

  • Try coating the uneaten avacado in lemon or lime juice before sealing it in a container. I think it works as well or better and it doesn’t really hurt the taste. But onion probably won’t either, I love guac! ;)

  • Brilliant! Never fed Avocado to my children but then they weren’t about in England when the children were young. This is a ‘new’ food to us.

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