Happy Mother’s Day & a Beach Trip

For the past several years we have traveled down to the gulf to enjoy Mother’s Day at the beach. This year was extra special since it was also my first year as a mama :o) Wow, does having a little one of your own put my own mom’s love in sacrifices into a whole new light! I hope I am all my mom is to me to my own baby girl. Chickadee LOVED the pool, but was much more skeptical about the ocean. Maybe we’ll have better luck when we head back to the beach over 4th of July. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 












What a great time with family! Thanks to III’s mom & dad for renting the place…we’ll be back soon!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day & a Beach Trip”

  • Awwww, those pics are priceless! Chickadee looks very happy with her toes in the sand, and wow her eyes are gorgeous! Glad you had a nice getaway for your very first Mother’s Day! You are looking great, too, and I love your umbrella! I bet you can’t wait to go back to the beach for Independence Day!

    • Thanks Laura!! Her eyes are always a hit with everyone :o) Gets them from her dad! We are definitely looking forward to heading back down to the beach and giving her another go at the waves & sand!

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